Smooth and sound transitioning from a facility to your own place of residence.

nurse and senior man smiling
Transition Assistance Services (TAS) help clients who are recovering in a residential care home to have a smooth-flowing and organized transitioning to their homes.

Our Transition Assistance Services (TAS) include:

  • Security deposits for leases on homes and apartments
  • Essential household expenses and furnishing required to use and occupy a community domicile, such as furniture, window covers, food preparation items, and bath or bed linens
  • Deposits or set-up fees for services access or utility, such as electricity, gas, water, and telephone
  • Services needed for an individual’s welfare and health, such as one-time cleaning prior to occupancy and pest eradication
  • Assess needs, procure, or arrange for needed resources (limited to 180 consecutive days prior to the time of discharge)

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