Providing nutritious meals to our clients.

senior man having breakfast
ATTUL CARE GROUP LLC ensures that every meal contains a minimum of one-third of the recommended dietary allowance for an individual as outlined by the US Department of Agriculture. Meals are conveniently delivered to the client’s place of residence. However, this is coordinated within the context of the IRP. We only provide this service to an individual who has met the needs-based criteria for home-delivered meals. An individual must be:

  • Unable to do meal preparation on a regular basis without any help or assistance
  • Does not have enough access to alternate resources for the provision of the meal provided by this service
  • Does not have natural support available in every stage of meal or food service operation

We will make sure we comply the applicable state, federal, and local codes, regulations, and licensor requirements related to fire, health, safety, sanitation, and other provisions.

The food will be prepared, transported, and served:

  • With the least possible manual contact
  • With the proper use of utensils
  • On surfaces that have been rinsed, cleaned, and sanitized to avoid cross-contamination
  • Disposable sealed containers

If you want to learn more about this service, send us a message. You may also reach us by calling us at 832-647-3978.